Our livestock farms located in northwest Romania are specialized in breeding cattle, namely beef cattle.

Young cattle is selected from the most popular breeds which are improved and specialized for meat production in the Romanian biogeographical area (“Baltata Romaneasca”, also known as Romanian Spotted Cattle, “Pinzgau de Transilvania” (the ‘Pinzgau of Transylvania’ breed), Bruna de Maramures (Maramures brown breed), etc.) and in the European biogeographical regions (Belgian Blue White cattle, Simmental, Limousin, Charolais, Aberdeen Angus, etc.).

As main object of activity, our company D.A. CATTLE FARM SRL:

– purchases from domestic market, directly from the producers, beef calves weighing 90-220 kg;

– sells domestically and exports to the European Union and outside the community, selected, treated and fattened steerlings, of breeds and weights required by partners.

Our headquarters is located in the livestock farm in Ghiorac village, Ciumeghiu commune,  Bihor  county (10 km away from Salonta city).

You can reach us at the following telephone number:

+ (40) 774 603 000

+ (40) 774 496 242

or fax:

+ (40) 359 191 700